Indomining - Indonesian Coal Mining Company

Mining Operation

Indomining operates an open-pit mining concession with multiple coal seams. The bulk of operations, including stripping and extractions, are outsourced to reputable third-party mining contractors in order to enhance performance and efficiently utilize capital. Indomining works very closely with its contractors to implement safe and efficient procedures. Safety drills and safety talks are regularly held among other activities.

Total reserves and resources have been validated in accordance with JORC standards (by PT SMG Consultants). A life-of-mine plan has been established for the concession, allowing for efficient long-term planning of production quality and capacity. Throughout every step, the Company strives to comply with all regulations including ensuring that environmental requirements have been properly met.

Following extraction, the coal is transported to the ROM stockpile where it is crushed and tested for quality. Washing is not required as Indomining coal contains relatively low ash levels. The crushed coal is then stored at the main stockpile until it is sent using an overland conveyor that stretches 4,4 km at a rate of 900 tonnes per hour to the port, or approximatelly 4,5 million tonnes per year, where it is loaded onto 300 ft barges and sent to Samarinda Anchorage for transshipment activities. Indomining ownes its own crusher and jetty, all of which have adequate capacity to handle its plan increases in production.